What is Klyphside?

Klyphside was created to bring the joy of creation to as many people as possible, and show the capabilities of modern technology. It is a personal passion of the owner, Kaden "Klyphs" Buker, to educate people so they can take advantage of technology that is commonly believed to only be for businesses.'

To chat with Klyphs, join the Klyphside Discord! He is always happy to answer questions, help with problems, or provide resources to getting the project you are working on up and running. 

To see what Klyphs has been up to lately, hop over to the blog page and read through his latest post (or further, if you want to). He tries to post weekly, with a snapshot into his most recent victories and failures. 

Klyphside Homelab

Klyphside Minecraft SMP

Klyphs runs a Minecraft SMP server for those who wish to join! In order to join, you must join the Discord and request access there. He will ask some questions and make sure you understand the rules, and then add you to the whitelist. If you don't play but want to check out what the server is up to, go to map.klyphside.com!

About the Owner

Hi! My name is Kaden "Klyphs" Buker, and I am the owner of Klyphside, LLC. I am a huge technology enthusiest, so I decided to make a brand built around my passions. My goal with creating Klyphside is to bring the joy of creation to as many people as I can, and show folks that it isn't as hard as it sounds to utilize servers and other modern technology. 

I am also a proud co-owner of FANG eSports, a competetive Valorant community. I live in Utah, and love spending my time tinkering on servers and 3D Printers, playing video games, and playing chess. I have an adorable American Labrador named Adelaide, Addy for short. She keeps me on my toes, with her high energy and non-stop love. 

Thank you for joining me in my small corner of the internet. I am always happy to get to know new people, hop in the Discord and say hi!